Here are lots of pictures of Judd from numerous films and things. Sorry, dial-up people.. I know what it’s like; I only just got high speed on Oct. 18, 2005. Before that, I had a really slow dial-up connection for years.




From TAXI.


TV Guide about TAXI. Andy Kaufman is to Judd’s left.


From TAXI. To Judd’s right is Gail Edwards.


From movie “A Beautiful Mind”.


From movie “Independence Day”.


From “Numb3rs”. Picture includes Peter MacNicol, Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Sabrina Lloyd, Alimi Ballard, etc. Not listed in any particular order.


From TV show “Regular Joe.” Who knows who the other people are.


From TAXI, obviously.


Another from TAXI.


Judd, master of ceremonies at the Stamp Club, making a speech. He was an avid stamp collector as a kid.


From TAXI.


From Numb3rs.


Also from Numb3rs.