Who are we?

We are people who recognize the talent of the actor Judd Hirsch, and, in turn, decided to make a site that all of his fans can consult. As it turns out, from our extensive search, he does not have an official site, so this helps.


Are we affiliated with Mr. Hirsch in any way?

Nope, sorry.

Why are there ads on this site?

NOTE: Right now, the top frame used in navigation is plastered with ads -- I inserted a no banner tag, but it doesn't always work, so try refreshing the site several times to try to get it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm working on fixing that now. It’s a free host. Sorry. You can get rid of some of the hovering ones by clicking the X in the top right corner.

Is this compatible for all browsers?

I hope so. I use Mozilla Firefox. I’m sure it works on Internet Explorer. If parts of it don’t show up on Netscape or MAC Safari or whatever, tell us on the “Suggestions, Submit Info, Contact Us” page.

Does this site have a forum?

No, I decided against it because there is a forum already that has some discussions about Judd, which you can find in the “Links” section. However, I do have a guest book, on the top frame, scroll down slightly, it's there.

What is a Hirschey?

Look in the “About the Hirscheys” section for the answer to that one – although it should be fairly obvious. J

What is the “Other Stuff” section?

It has, well, stuff. Just some miscellaneous things pertaining to or having to do with Judd.

How do I navigate this site?

See the frame up there? There are links to other pages there. Click on them.


Copyright 2005-2010 to Katherine Duncan. Don’t steal anything or I’ll send a pickle lawyer after you.

Yes, I drew that. Yes, he’s copyrighted too. Yes, he passed the bar and is licensed everywhere.



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